WhatsApp to Introduce a Feature that will allow Users to Edit Sent Messages


The popular messaging app, WhatsApp, is always looking for ways to improve the user’s privacy and experience. Recently WhatsApp rolled out new features namely picture-in-picture mode for iOS, forward media with captions, message yourself and more for its iOS, Android and web users. But now they have announced an upcoming feature that will allow users to edit sent messages, which can be a great convenience for those who often send messages with typos or other errors. In this blog post, we will be exploring what this new WhatsApp feature will look like, how it will work, and how users can take advantage of it.


In-short :

  • WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature that will allow users to edit sent messages within 15 minutes of sending them. The original message will still be visible with an “edited” tag and timestamp.

  • WhatsApp Communities is a popular feature that allows users to create and join groups based on shared interests, but there are some potential drawbacks to using it, such as the possibility of abuse or miscommunication.

  • WhatsApp is also testing a new feature for iOS users that will allow them to send high-quality images without having to convert them to documents first, and the feature is expected to be available for desktop users in the future.

The recent WhatsApp feature, WhatsApp Communities, has been a great addition to the instant messaging platform. It has allowed users to create and join communities of their choice, enabling them to stay connected with their friends and family, as well as people with similar interests. The advantages of WhatsApp Communities are numerous, including the ability to easily share messages, photos, videos, and other content with a large group of people. This feature also allows group members to easily keep up with each other’s activities, as well as engage in conversations with one another.


The upcoming feature on WhatsApp that allows users to edit sent messages is one of the most exciting additions to the platform. The new edit message feature will allow users to edit any sent message within 15 minutes of the time frame. This feature is designed to give users the ability to correct mistakes, update information, and add more context to their messages without having to delete and resend the entire message. It can help users save time, avoid embarrassing situations, update information in real-time, and add more context to their messages. When a user edits a sent message, the original message will still appear in the chat, but with a tag indicating that it has been edited. The tag will include a timestamp that shows when the message was edited, so other users can see that the message has been changed. This will help prevent confusion and misunderstandings, as other users will be able to see that the message has been edited and what changes were made.

The new editing feature will be useful in situations where users send messages with typos, grammatical errors, or incorrect information. It’s important to note that the editing feature may not be available for all message types. For example, messages that have already been deleted or have expired may not be editable. Additionally, the feature may not be available in all versions of WhatsApp, as it is still being tested and developed.

While the ability to edit sent messages is a useful feature, there are some potential drawbacks that users should be aware of. One of the most significant concerns is the possibility of abuse. If users can edit messages after they have been sent, they could potentially change the content of the message to mislead or deceive other users. For example, a user could send a message indicating that they will be late for a meeting, only to edit the message later to say that they will not be attending at all. This could cause confusion and disrupt the plans of other participants.

Another potential drawback is that edited messages may not be in sync with the conversation. For example, if a user edits a message in a group chat, other participants may have already responded to the original message, and their responses may no longer make sense in the context of the edited message. This could lead to confusion and miscommunication, especially if the edited message significantly changes the meaning of the original message. Additionally, the edited message tag may not be sufficient to prevent confusion in all situations. While the tag will indicate that a message has been edited, it may not provide enough context for other users to understand what changes were made. This could be especially problematic if the original message contained important information that was later edited or removed.

Despite these potential drawbacks, the ability to edit sent messages is still a valuable feature that will improve the user experience on WhatsApp. To prevent abuse and confusion, users should use the feature responsibly and only edit messages when necessary. Additionally, users should be mindful of the potential drawbacks and use other means of communication, such as follow-up messages or voice calls, when editing a message could cause confusion or disrupt the conversation.


Meanwhile, WhatsApp is also testing a new feature for iOS users which will allow users to change image quality on iOS devices. The feature is currently under beta testing and is expected to be rolled out for everyone soon. Currently, the update of this feature is only available for iOS beta testers who are part of the Test Flight beta program and carries version Once the feature is available for everyone, users will see a new photo quality option in the WhatsApp chat settings. Using this feature, users will be able to send photos in their original quality. Currently, WhatsApp compresses photos to save data. So in order to send high quality photos users have to convert their media into documents. However, with the new update, WhatsApp will allow users to send high quality images on the available internet network. WhatsApp is also working on bringing the same feature for Desktop users too. In the meantime, the feature has already arrived for Android users. To change photo quality settings, go to WhatsApp Settings> Storage and Data> Media Upload Quality> Change photo quality setting according to your preference.


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