General Motors (GM) is developing a digital assistant that is powered by a ChatGPT-like language model. This new digital assistant will be integrated into GM’s vehicle brands, and will provide support to drivers in situations where they would have previously referred to the vehicle’s owner manual.

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According to Semafor, the digital assistant will offer a wide range of functionalities to drivers, including assistance with tasks such as replacing a tire, explaining various vehicle warning lights, and even booking appointments at recommended mechanics. In addition, the voice-activated assistant will be able to integrate and schedule with other devices, such as garage door motors and remotes. This integration will provide drivers with a highly sophisticated digital assistant that is capable of understanding natural language and providing personalized responses to specific questions and concerns.

This announcement comes as no surprise, as many car manufacturers are currently exploring the integration of digital assistants in their vehicles. However, GM’s decision to use a ChatGPT-like language model is a significant step forward in this field. By integrating a highly sophisticated natural language processing (NLP) model, GM hopes to provide drivers with a more intuitive and seamless experience.


The spokesperson for GM stated that the shift towards a digital assistant is not just about the evolution of voice commands. Instead, the company hopes that this technology will help make future vehicles more capable and “fresh overall” regarding emerging technologies.


Overall, GM’s decision to develop a digital assistant that is powered by a ChatGPT-like language model is an exciting development for the automotive industry. By integrating natural language processing technology, GM hopes to provide drivers with a more intuitive and personalized driving experience that can be tailored to their specific needs and preferences. As this technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see more car manufacturers following in GM’s footsteps and integrating digital assistants into their vehicles.

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