Microsoft is preparing to release GPT-4, a new version of its popular ChatGPT language model. It will include multimodal support, allowing for complex interactions between users and the AI. This will take the already significant impact ChatGPT has made on the tech industry to the next level.


The multimodal ChatGPT chatbot can automatically summarize support calls, saving 500 work hours daily for a large Microsoft customer in the Netherlands. Additionally, multi-language support will allow users to ask questions in one language and get answers in another. The chatbot can even translate text into images, music, and video upon request. This feature will be a game-changer for businesses with a global reach.

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Please Note

Microsoft cautions that ChatGPT may not always be reliable, even after the GPT-4 upgrade. The company is working on confidence metrics to improve the chatbot’s reliability. However, it is still unclear how users will be able to test GPT-4 and whether OpenAI will make it available within ChatGPT later this week.

Final Words

In conclusion, the launch of GPT-4 is a significant development for AI and ChatGPT users. The addition of multimodal support and multi-language capabilities will greatly enhance the chatbot’s capabilities and make it a valuable tool for businesses worldwide. However, it is essential to keep in mind that the reliability of the AI is still a work in progress, and Microsoft is actively working to improve it. Moreover, the exact date for GPT-4’s release is not yet known, and users will have to wait patiently for further updates.

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