Can AI replace human jobs? GPT-4 lists 20 it can.


The introduction of AI has revolutionized the world of technology, and the ChatGPT 4 is no exception. This generative chatbot has the ability to provide detailed responses to prompts provided by users, making it a popular tool across different industries. However, with the increasing power and sophistication of AI, there is a growing concern about the potential for it to replace human jobs.

According to a recent survey by, half of the US companies that implemented ChatGPT in their business have replaced workers with AI. This trend is not unique to the US, as employees around the globe are worried about losing their jobs due to AI. Even the launch of the advanced version of ChatGPT- GPT 4- has increased these fears.

To test the capabilities of the new advanced GPT-4, we asked the AI itself which human jobs it can replace. The answer was shocking: GPT-4 has the potential to replace 20 human jobs, including data entry clerks, customer service representatives, proofreaders, paralegals, and translators, among others. Moreover, GPT-4 has even revealed the human traits it can replace in these jobs, such as communication and empathy, attention to detail, research and organization, and mathematical skills.

Jobs that Chatgpt/AI can replace

Jobs that Chatgpt/AI can replace

The List

  1. Data Entry Clerk
  2. Customer Service Representative
  3. Proofreader
  4. Paralegal
  5. Bookkeeper
  6. Translator
  7. Copywriter
  8. Market Research Analyst
  9. Social Media Manager
  10. Appointment Scheduler
  11. Telemarketer
  12. Virtual Assistant
  13. Transcriptionist
  14. News Reporter
  15. Travel Agent
  16. Tutor
  17. Technical Support Analyst
  18. Email Marketer
  19. Content Moderator
  20. Recruiter

However, it is important to note that AI cannot replace humans entirely. Despite being able to provide more logical answers to prompts and clear tough exams, AI has limitations. For instance, in tests where ChatGPT wrote essays, professors evaluated them as below-average student work. Additionally, while AI can be helpful, it is crucial to remember that it is developed to assist humans rather than replace them entirely.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, while the emergence of AI is inevitable, there is still space for humans. It is essential to embrace and make use of AI to increase efficiency in different industries, but it is equally important to recognize the value of human skills such as creativity, critical thinking, and judgement. The fear of AI replacing humans can be canceled by working alongside AI to complement our skills and enhance the quality of work.

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Mbonisi Mtunzi
Mbonisi Mtunzi
March 19, 2023 7:27 am

I can say true for list number 16.
As I am using the ChatGPT to teach me what my lecturer is failing to do so.

D Jere
D Jere
March 20, 2023 8:19 am
Reply to  Mbonisi Mtunzi

There’s a meme going around “AI will not replace you. But a human using AI will, would you agree ?
or AI will completely replace humans and in your case tutors?

March 20, 2023 8:58 am

i dont think AI will completely replace humans, rather i see it as a tool that can assist us in preforming tasks more efficiently and accurately

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